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Our 2022 Phase Date Announcement

October 8, 2022, will be here before we know it. To help you prepare for our fourth edition, here are our phase dates to grab tickets. All phases will open at noon ET.  

Phase One: September 2, 2022​​​​​​
Phase One guests are friends of the event's leaders, 2021 members, and absentee members. 

Phase Two: September 8, 2022
Our 2022 Phase One members sponsor Phase Two guests. 

Phase Three: September 15, 2022
Phase Three guests are on our waitlist. 

Note: If you haven't registered for our waitlist, please click on the registration tab and validate your email address to get on our waitlist. You only need to register once. 

We are currently partnering with WCNC-TV for a Phase One opportunity this week. Please watch WCNC's Charlotte Today on Thursday, August 25, for details.

Also, we are collaborating with some of Charlotte's social media influencers for a chance to win a Phase One invite. Go to our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to learn more. 

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1 comment

Carol H.
2 month ago
Table and chairs included how does that work thates what I register for so i need it explained thurly how that works??
Linda M.
Table and chairs are not included. However, there will be an opportunity to rent from a vendor on the site shortly. Hope that helps.
Linda M.
If you are in the group selected to be on the bus it's included.
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